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jess johnson garcia

Jess got her start singing the National Anthem for major league teams in Washington, DC. She later had two songs, Why and Tell Me, featured by Mercedes Benz on their official mixed tape series distributed internationally. Under the name, Jessica Johnson, she produced and released two EP's independently: A League of My Own and Spellbound & Stolen.

After taking a break from music to start her family and focus on motherhood, Jessica changed her artist name to
Jessica Johnson Garcia. After the birth of her 3rd son, she wrote and released 3 - a song inspired by and written for her 3 sons. 

Having grown in her faith since starting her family, Jessica began writing and producing Christian music. She recorded a few of these songs, which went on to become her first Christian music release: NOW, FOREVER.

Her compilation, JJ + GARCIA, combines the solely self-produced & composed songs she wrote and recorded, some of which were originally released under the artist name, Jessica Johnson and some under the artist name Jessica Johnson Garcia
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